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( Fate makes two person meets together, just like you and me on 5th. Love bonds our sistership, loveyou muchy.)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You're the only one allowed to touch my only heart .

Hey! Jasmine here updating . I think it had been dk how many months since we ever post uh?! . I'm gonna make this blog alive with all my mights~ . &&, my EXAMS ENDED . So happy~ . But next year PSLE . F.M.L . Lucky it happens only 1time in our life . So we'll of course aim high, score excellent marks, make our parents proud of us :D . I hope Melissa will pass with flying colours . Don't worry you'll retain alright . I've faith on you . Although you might retain, but my optimistic alright! & peeps, please help me plead Melissa not to go Korea >: . But, she has her own choice! >: . Saddie! I yesterday almost cry you know! Cos you says you going korea soon . FXCK . 2more days kkays, must TAHAN :D . She's mine . Don't steal >:

Monday, September 13, 2010


I like this picture . Although cannot see my face . Cos got carebear! Sibei huggable lehs . Jie ah, Happy 2years, 5months & 8days . Hahs . Funny die ;) . Everyday our anniversary . So so so so so damn meaningful right our sistership? :D . Okay . Hope you'll be safe & make sure you'll buy me a lot things back hor ! Kidding! I'm not so greedy h3h3 . I missed taiwan when you tell me you going taiwan! . Ahhhs (!) . You make me crazy already . Wanna go taiwan already x-x . But I want go HONG KONG MORE . Eh, jie, I prefer you staying @ hong kong . Got disneyland . LOL . I'm super duper uber childish eh ! . LOL :P . Cos I damn sua gu 1 . Never go before ! ): . & Jie, take care of yourself when your parents' not going with you oversea okay . I'll miss you! . Miss die you! ): . Maybe I'll not even online when you don't want online . Cos, no one to talk to . I love you . Dk how many days I not going to chat w/ you ! . Imagine that 1year never talk . T.T! . Sad die me already la !! . Cannot bear you leaving me y'know . Okay . Few days . But I cannot even tahan for 1day! . x-x . Lovedieyou lahs <3 .

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Most important person in life, its you. ;).

Thanks, veryvery much. I love you too okai . Yea, whenever it comes to love, i'll fail. But whenever it comes to me and you (sistership) its makes me think of the past. Happy moments and sad moment. Quarrels, and etc. Really hope time can rewind, totally impossible. But, i have to thank you this, for being there for me when i need you/ be my listening ear/ giving advices. Lastly, giving me your love. Hope you'll find another good one and be success in another relationship okia? Loveyoumuch.

LynneMirabelle. :)

My eyes will always be there for you

Jie, listen up.
Although I can't be by yourside 24/7 . But, I can be the one that sending you message. Replying your text. Saying jokes makes you laugh . Although some are childish jokes . But whatever jokes that can makes you laugh, I feels that I really wanna thanks the jokes for making you smile/laugh . Whatever words that person hurts you, just forget about that . Jie, life is beautiful . Cos there are so many wonderful, awesome, amazing & beautiful persons around you . Don't be upset because of this alright . Idk what's happening in your life . But I'm sure I'll listen . I'm always listening . Happy/Sad , I don't mind . I just want you to let this go alright . Jie, here's the reply from me to your post :).

Jie, everything is unpredictable . Idk how much hurt you get. But I can feel it . It's really hurtful . Cos you're sosososoos wanted to cry . But cheerup please . Every tears you drops, my heart is really pain . I also dk why . Maybe ily too muchy. Don't even want you to drop a single tear. Even a single tear, my heart is pain.. Jie, when came to love, everyone does not have the guts to tell the person you love him/her. But Jie, why not give a try?. If it fails, blame it on me. So I'd feel better. Cos I'm the one made you fail . But Jie, you'll never know unless you try. Jie, ily . I'll always lend you my eyes. To see whatever you type or send me. My eyes will always be there for you . Ily!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy 2years 5th monthsary ;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010


Yohs . Jasmine updating . Melissa ! Where are you?! . ): . Never says happy anniversary ah? . Anyway, funny things happened HAHA . I wanna type ANNIVERSARY become BIRTHDAY . But edited x-x . I love MELISSA THL . Any problems? :D . She's mine . STFU LA . -'- . Snatch her, I'll bark like a crazy dog . Don't ever try my limits . I scold vulgar . But you dk? :D . Haha . Dumbdumb (Y) . But don't worry . I won't bark unless you reached my limits ! BOOOMZ . JASMINE LOVES MELISSA :D .

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hi ! Ps for not updating ah Jie, Don't angry kays . Love you ttvm ! But 4th ah, replaced me le la ): . Btw, I loves your linking :) . Anyway, Jie, Mai ponponponponpon xxx le ! . Not good okay . Later you retain how?! . Aiyoh, too late for you to wake up le . So now, better wake up okay . No matter what, I'll always pray for you . Hoping you to go to school happily okay . Hopes your friends is just a piece of cake of yours . So you can concentrate on your studies . Anyway, they're just a lifeless dogs . English pro so?. PSLE never get good marks also bo use . Ask them don't talk cock la . Wuji come face to face . Don't be keyboard warrior (: . Anyway, I'm not a ahlian . But when I angry I like this one :DD . I'll says out all the vulgarities without I noticing I'm so vulgarity haha . :) . Love you like always ! 5th's :) (Y)

Jasmine @ :)