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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

You're the only one allowed to touch my only heart .

Hey! Jasmine here updating . I think it had been dk how many months since we ever post uh?! . I'm gonna make this blog alive with all my mights~ . &&, my EXAMS ENDED . So happy~ . But next year PSLE . F.M.L . Lucky it happens only 1time in our life . So we'll of course aim high, score excellent marks, make our parents proud of us :D . I hope Melissa will pass with flying colours . Don't worry you'll retain alright . I've faith on you . Although you might retain, but my optimistic alright! & peeps, please help me plead Melissa not to go Korea >: . But, she has her own choice! >: . Saddie! I yesterday almost cry you know! Cos you says you going korea soon . FXCK . 2more days kkays, must TAHAN :D . She's mine . Don't steal >:

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