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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hi ! Ps for not updating ah Jie, Don't angry kays . Love you ttvm ! But 4th ah, replaced me le la ): . Btw, I loves your linking :) . Anyway, Jie, Mai ponponponponpon xxx le ! . Not good okay . Later you retain how?! . Aiyoh, too late for you to wake up le . So now, better wake up okay . No matter what, I'll always pray for you . Hoping you to go to school happily okay . Hopes your friends is just a piece of cake of yours . So you can concentrate on your studies . Anyway, they're just a lifeless dogs . English pro so?. PSLE never get good marks also bo use . Ask them don't talk cock la . Wuji come face to face . Don't be keyboard warrior (: . Anyway, I'm not a ahlian . But when I angry I like this one :DD . I'll says out all the vulgarities without I noticing I'm so vulgarity haha . :) . Love you like always ! 5th's :) (Y)

Jasmine @ :)

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