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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My eyes will always be there for you

Jie, listen up.
Although I can't be by yourside 24/7 . But, I can be the one that sending you message. Replying your text. Saying jokes makes you laugh . Although some are childish jokes . But whatever jokes that can makes you laugh, I feels that I really wanna thanks the jokes for making you smile/laugh . Whatever words that person hurts you, just forget about that . Jie, life is beautiful . Cos there are so many wonderful, awesome, amazing & beautiful persons around you . Don't be upset because of this alright . Idk what's happening in your life . But I'm sure I'll listen . I'm always listening . Happy/Sad , I don't mind . I just want you to let this go alright . Jie, here's the reply from me to your post :).

Jie, everything is unpredictable . Idk how much hurt you get. But I can feel it . It's really hurtful . Cos you're sosososoos wanted to cry . But cheerup please . Every tears you drops, my heart is really pain . I also dk why . Maybe ily too muchy. Don't even want you to drop a single tear. Even a single tear, my heart is pain.. Jie, when came to love, everyone does not have the guts to tell the person you love him/her. But Jie, why not give a try?. If it fails, blame it on me. So I'd feel better. Cos I'm the one made you fail . But Jie, you'll never know unless you try. Jie, ily . I'll always lend you my eyes. To see whatever you type or send me. My eyes will always be there for you . Ily!

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