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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Hold you tight, take a ring & hold you. Hug you tight. Give you warm.

Sigh, Jie I'm failed to be your mei too. So does Charmaine Jie Jie . Idk what happen between your family . But all I know is , Charmaine Jie Jie laughing @ you while your grandma's beating you? . I'm not trying to be unfair or anything . But is she texting someone while your grandma's beating you? . If yesh , she maybe laughing @ the message? . But if yesh , she saw your grandma beating down there why don't she stop ? . Idk why neither . But all I wants to say is , rest well . Don't type anymore . If you wanna post just ask me to help you post . I'll always do my best to help you . I'm sorry if I can't help you >: . I'm very sad that I heard that your grandma caned you . Cos when she cane you , you will always think of someone . I don't wish to say it out . Cos I'm afraid you might cry . Jie , please stop playing audi . Listen to me once could you? ): . You're just hurting your fingers . Don't vent your anger on post please . You're just hurting yourself & your fingers when you type . It is fxcking pain cos it's wooden cane . It is not a toy cane or a plastic stick . It is a wooden cane . A cane . Wtfook . Jie, stop typing. You may don't update this blog cos you have a very reasonable reason . & I also don't wish your fingers to be hurt & yourself inside pain when you type alright . All I want is you to be happy . I hopes to see & read your post that you're happy & not sad . I miss you smiling & your wonderful & amazing piece of post . I love you Jie .

Jasmine @

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