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( Fate makes two person meets together, just like you and me on 5th. Love bonds our sistership, loveyou muchy.)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

No matter where you're at, how far you're. My heart is always with you, sign of significant.

Hello! I'm posting this sisters blog nao, sorry for posting late as i was auditioning. I wanna clear the bonus yea! Me and jasmine sistership has been going smoothly. I felt, something missing. But i'll mend it back like last time. I'll try, h3h3.

Asking her to make blogskin for me, she's very kind to do that. LOL, blame on my stupidness, idk how :(. Thanks jas. Here's a little short note for you.
Well jas, i know. That time i quarrel-ed with you. Because i felt that you're a big fat liar. But, you're ain't. Thanks for making me trust you again. Thank'you, if its wasn't your "never-give-up" mind, our sistership might end. But if didn't ! Iloveyoualright. :)

Michiko@ onelastvalentine. :)

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