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Monday, August 2, 2010

Countless hearts to YOU !

Yesh, I do wants to capture w/ you picture to keep it okay. Deep inside me heart(memories) . Photo doesn't means anything. Burnt away then no more already uh >: . So we shall keep our photo(memories) inside our heart okay?. I love you leh ;smil ;smil. I cannot wait for our 2years & 4month Anniversary to come leh. Cos I really do miss youuuuuuuuuu ! I wants eternity with you haha. 2years & 4month is really long ! Although me & Charmaine Jie Jie also 2years + , but my memories with you is the most okay. You're always mine ! :3. i love you forever forever. I simply can't stop sayings I love you okay. Okay, from now on, I first online I'll says I love you to you. I'm that sweet 1 ! . Hehe :3. Tata,

Jasmine LOVES Melissa @ (;

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