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Friday, July 30, 2010

Jasmine loves MELISSA.

Jasmine here :3 . BOOMZ. This blog belongs to me & mel jie's . Mind your own words thank'ew :3 .
Jie, post more alright to save this blog alive.. Boomz. I love you jie ^^. 050408's (Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y)(Y).

Idk what to post anymore. Simply I love you. & this blog created on 30thJune2010. :3 . Just now busying doing template. No time to post so yah.

I bitexcz @ (: .

5more days to our ANNIVERSARY . Cannot wait for it ! I totally wanna go out w/ you melissa jie to celebrate our ANNIVERSARY. But unfortunately, I don't think I can go out uh. Sob. Imy. I wanna meet you again. That time was our only chance. Yet we didn't cherish . ;sigh. I love you ^^.

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