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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Jasmine BOOMZ Melissa :3.

Haha, Unglam picture of me :3. I post for Jie's sake ! :3. I love Jie okay. Ps , never write about 050408 >: . Sigh. I hope got shop named Sistership HAHA. Jie, ily manymany(...) . Idk what to says anymore. But do update the blog okay. See my post @ bahs. I lazy type x-x. Damn tired back from church. Anyway, Jie, check up the new slide @ T3 , Changi Airport alright? :D. Really fun. Hehe. But I think you think that's children's play 1 . But, that's HIGH. Lol. But when you sit, you don't know how long it is. But when you see from above, you will says " OMGOSH " LOL.

Q: Did you says that?
A: Yup hehe.

Alright, ends here. Btw, Jie, ask me for the ID & PW for cbox okay?. to edit the smileys hehe. I love you jie ! 4more days ;smil. Today didn't see you online ! Sob >: .


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